How Can I Make The Barn Door Look Good?

- Apr 02, 2020-

How can I make the barn door look good ?

The barn door was not originally used for home decoration. At first, this design was used on foreign farms. The barn door is also a kind of sliding door. It has a solid wood with exposed pulleys and slide rails. The traditional design and Adding modern popular elements into the modern home improvement environment has a special style meaning. The decoration of the barn door is not only decorative but also practical, and the translational switching method saves the area of the house, and can basically be used in various indoor spaces.

What to do if you think that the traditional bedroom door is too rigid, try the barn door decoration. The overall decoration style of the room is American pastoral style. The barn door is located between the bedroom and the dining room. Such a large area of barn door decoration reduces the sense of space restraint brought by traditional wooden doors. When the door is opened, the entire room can be seen, and the room becomes more usual. The wooden barn door has the same gentle and elegant texture as the traditional woods, but the original feeling brought by the opening and closing mechanism of the barn door decoration is indeed not found in ordinary doors and windows. Although the barn door looks very large, but It does not take up extra space, which is another great advantage of it.

The barn door decoration can be used in various spaces, and the kitchen is no exception. This is a picture of a kitchen barn door decoration. The area of the kitchen is relatively narrow, so that the decoration of the barn door will not occupy a small amount of indoor space, and the kitchen area will be larger from the outside. White cabinets and wall cabinets are used in the kitchen. Retro red bricks are used on the walls. Wood tiles are used on the ground to fit the retro rural feel of the walls. If the overall environment is equipped with a simple aluminum alloy, The door or glass door seems too out of place. If the ordinary white wooden door is missing a little surprise, it seems a bit mediocre. The decoration of the dark green wooden barn door just solves this problem, which is in line with the decoration style and design sense.

Can the barn door decoration only be used as a room door? This is not necessarily a good design for a wardrobe door. This is a very individual barn door decoration. The bedroom's wardrobe is built-in design. It's not creative to choose common wardrobe doors. The designer's brain is wide open to use the barn door to make the wardrobe door, this is enough creative, but in order to increase people's sense of visual difference, the designer uses solid wood without color treatment as the barn door material, black The wrought iron pulley and the original blasting facade material make the whole barn door decoration look full of history and art.