Pourquoi ne METEK produit MDF porte de la grange

- Oct 18, 2018-

Why does METEK not produce MDF barn door?

Metek is committed to the production and development of sliding door system. We have a complete design team and production equipment. The products have been rigorously tested and put into the market, and have received good market feedback. At the same time, we pay close attention to the market dynamics. At present, the newly emerged MDF barn door in the market, we decided to research and test it. However, we found that this kind of door is not suitable for the barn door because it has serious defects.

1. The door structure of the MDF material is fragile, and it is easy to cause deformation when it is used for the barn door because it cannot bear its own weight.

2. The surface sticker is still easily scratched after being painted and is difficult to repair.

3. Lack of wooden door texture and it is difficult to re-engineer and paint the color that customers want

4. Harmful substances such as formaldehyde endanger human health.